Category: Brochure

    Hickory’s Business Report

    Using the same wood that is used throughout their restaurants, we encased the business report in a hardwood cover and set a digitally printed, custom designed 40 page brochure inside. Each cover was individually distressed to fit in with the Hickorys look whilst a custom-built wood-brander was used to burn the logo into the cover. To add to the effect, liquid smoke was rubbed into the wood to give it that authentic Smokehouse scent.

    Client: Hickory’s Smokehouse

    Magazine Themed Cocktail Lists

    As part of the “Great British Menu” newspaper theme that we’ve developed for top north-west venue Barlounge, we’ve created the cocktail lists in the style of a Sunday supplement magazine.

    Client: Barlounge

    The Great British Newspaper Menu…

    To coincide with the launch of the “Great British Menu” we created a full size broadsheet newspaper packed with mock articles and historical stories of great British icons. The menu and wine list were contained within. Cocktail menus, bill folders and other material were later designed to accompany the piece.

    Client: Barlounge

    Abbey Superheroes Mail-Out

    Brochure, stickers and a custom designed USB credit card to accompany the “Outer Bury” animation piece.

    Client: Abbey Attachments

    Branding and Identity

    New branding and identity for this business sales and procurement start-up.

    Client: Semper Servo